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Olympus DS7000 and AS7000 Package

Olympus DS7000 and AS7000 Package
Olympus DS7000 and AS7000 Package
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Personal Dictation Recorders
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Description and Overview 

The Olympus DS7000 digital recorder and AS7000 transcription kit package is available for $847.00
Save $77 when you purchase this package deal!

For all your professional dictation and recording requirements the Olympus DS7000 comes packed with features including:

  • intuitive design - integrates seamlessly into your company's digital workflow for maximum efficiency and productivity
  • optimised productivity - able to with different author ID's the Olympus DS7000 offers a variety of options for dictation transfer and comes with Olympus Dictation Management System software as well as being compatible with other software
  • superior security - equipped with PIN lock on the device and highly secure data encryption functions for confidential and sensitive recordings
  • reliable and versatile - delivers the highest recording quality with important editing features for all your dictation requirements
  • multi function cradle - placing the DS7000 on the cradle enables the user to charge the battery and/or transfer data easily
  • hands-free dictation - with optional foot switches or hand controls, dictations can be per formed hands-free

The Olympus AS7000 Transcription Kit is the master of professional dictation systems.

It combines with other Olympus professional voice recorders to create a single-source solution for all your recording and transcription needs.
Its restyled hardware and advanced software integrates smoothly with office workflows, making sharing of data and dictations across your business and its locations quick and easy.

AS7000 Kit includes:

  • Transcripton Software
  • Foot Pedal
  • Headset
  • Sundry cables, ear cushions etc.

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