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Dragon Medical Practice Edition 3.2

ragon Medical Practice Edition 3.2
Dragon Medical Practice Edition 3.2
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Speech Recognition
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Description and Overview 

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 3.2 gives any practice of less than 25 physicians a great dictation experience at a price that meets the budget.
The result?  Higher quality, more efficient and profitable care and greater physician satisfaction!

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Dragon Medical Practice Edition 3.2 speech recognition software

Save an hour a day and win back time for you, your patients and your practice.

  • Incredible speed and accuracy
  • Over 90 medical vocabularies
  • Simple voice commands to navigate, select and correct text.
  • Easily create voice commands to insert frequently used paragraphs of text.
  • Integrates with your existing EHR – for example, Medical Director, Best Practice – also Microsoft apps such as Word, for writing letters etc.

Unparalled accuracy

  • Dragon Medical is the most accurate “real-time” clinical speech recognition solution available. Even rarely used medical terms appear in Dragon Medical the first time physicians say them. With regional accent support, Dragon Medical recognizes a physician’s words, regardless of his or her country of origin.

Anywhere EHR dictation

  • Dragon Medical allows physicians to dictate anywhere in an EHR system, while reviewing lab results, patient history or current medications.

Access to medical evidence

  • Physicians can search medical data via a single voice command on WebMD®, UpToDate®, PubMed™ and ICD-9.

Lower documentation cost

  • Eliminate thousands of dollars of annual transcription cost per physician by speech-enabling the EHR.

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